Fredericksburg Peaches

If there's one thing you must do when you visit Fredericksburg, it's try our peaches. Fredericksburg is informally known as the peach capital of Texas. The climate, elevation, and rich soil make the perfect conditions for peaches to grow here in Texas.  The peach season begins in May and runs through August. We know you can smell them so..

Where Can You Find the Famous Fredericksburg Peaches?

Jenschke Orchard
8301 US-290, 8 miles
(830) 997-8422
Jenschke Orchard has been growing peaches since 1961. The orchard is primarily a pick-your-own orchard with over 30 varieties of peaches. You can also pick strawberries, blackberries, pumpkins, and Christmas trees when they’re in season!


Gold Orchards
14329 US-290, 14 miles
(830) 644-2890
Gold Orchards located in Stonewall have a variety of fruit for visitors to choose from. You have the option of picking your own peaches at the orchard or purchasing pre-picked and ready peaches at one of their stands.


Burg's Corner
15194 US-290, 15 miles
(830) 644-2604
Burg’s Corner is another family-owned business serving the Stonewall area since the 1950s. Visitors and locals can pick a variety of peaches from the orchard. If you’re unable to visit Stonewall to visit Burg’s Corner, visit their online shop to get a taste of Texas.


Wahl's Peaches
15369 US-290, 15 miles
(830) 992-9498
Wahl’s Peaches are organically grown with no pesticides or chemical fertilizers used. Wahl’s offers both options of in-store shopping for fresh peaches or pick your own.