Fredericksburg's Historic Attractions & Tours

Stay Near Historic Sites with Fredericksburg Escapes

Fredericksburg, Texas, rich in historical significance from its German immigrant foundations in 1846 to its strategic role in World War II, offers guests a unique glimpse into America's past. Notable venues like the Pioneer Museum Complex and the VereinsKirche Museum capture the town's German heritage, while the Admiral Nimitz Museum and Historical Center pay homage to its military history. The Sauer-Beckmann Living History Farm and the Luckenbach Outpost furthershowcase the lifestyle and cultural blend of early Texan and German settlers. Guests staying at Fredericksburg Escapes have the unique opportunity to delve into this rich historical tapestry while enjoying the comfort and exclusivity of our vacation rentals. If exploring the deep-rooted history and culture of Fredericksburg, Texas, is on your agenda, Fredericksburg Escapes invites you to discover our exclusive vacation rentals, offering the perfect base to explore these significant sites and create a memorable visit.

Pioneer Museum Complex

309 W. Main Street 830-990-8441

This museum contains superb examples of early German structures and artifacts. Open to the public seven days a week. Prior arrangements required for special tours of historic homes and sites owned by the Gillespie County Historical Society. Fee

Vereins Kirche Museum

Center of Marktplatz., Main Street
This unique building is a well-known landmark of the city of Fredericksburg in the heart of town. Learn about the original "Society's Church" and its interesting history. Fee.

Fredericksburg Historic District

Over 80 points of historic interest and significance in the district. A free self-guided walking map of the district is available at the Fredericksburg Visitor Center.

Admiral Nimitz Museum and Historical Center

340 E. Main Street
(830) 997-4379

Dedicated to everyone who served in the Pacific War. The George Bush Gallery of the Pacific War, the Plaza of the Presidents, and the History Walk of the Pacific War are all part of the park. Fee


Fort Martin Scott Historic Site

1606 E. Main
(830) 997-9895

Visit this pre-Civil War military outpost to learn about the first frontier fort in Texas.


Gish's Old West Museum

502 N. Milam
(830) 997-2794
See a personal collection of many items from the Old West. Call for an appointment.

 Sauer-Beckmann Living History Farm

LBJ State Park
(830) 644-2455

Visit a living history farmstead of the pioneers. See how the farm families of a century ago lived. Learn about seasonal activities such as sausage making, sheep shearing, canning, etc.


Luckenbach Outpost

RR 1376, 8 miles Southeast of Fredericksburg
(830) 997-3224

Established as a trading post in 1849, Luckenbach consists of a dancehall, general store, and bar. This settlement has enjoyed continued notoriety for its free spirit.