Your Ultimate Guide to Fredericksburg, Texas

Things to Do in Hill Country

Guests staying at one of our Fredericksburg & Hill Country Escapes vacation rentals have a variety of activities to add to their itinerary. We've put together the best of the best in our Area Guide.

Discover the historical wonders at the Admiral Nimitz Museum. Gaze upon the natural beauty of the Enchanted Rock State Natural Area. Savor the flavors of local vineyards like Kuhlman Cellars.

Browse the guide below, and experience what will make your upcoming stay in Hill Country unforgettable.

a man in a beanie prepares to pour a crate of wine grapes into a larger crate in a fredericksburg, texas winery

What's New in Fredericksburg

There's always something new to explore in Hill Country. Read our latest blog about new things to do in and around Fredericksburg, and discover what will make your next escape memorable.


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