Fredericksburg Hunting Excursions

There are plenty of opportunities to hunt in Fredericksburg as there are a number of native and exotic species and hunting is good almost year-round. Fredericksburg is home to a large whitetail deer population, however, there are a number of turkeys, doves, and quails.


Cinco Canyon Ranch
2414 Grape Creek Road South, 12 miles
(210) 508-0747
Cinco Canyon Ranch is home to a large population of elk, whiteail deer, trophy axis, blackbuck, scimitar-horned oryx, gemsbok, nilgai, and fallow deer. 


Crenwelge Ranch
10518 U. S. Hwy 87 N, 22 miles
(830) 997-9023
Crenwelge Ranch is a 648-acre ranch located near Doss, Texas. The ranch offers whitetail trophy hunts as well as management, cull, doe, and turkey hunts.


Buck Valley Ranch
680 Stoneleigh Rd, 31 miles
(830) 928-2629
Buck Valley Ranch is home to a number of deer species including Axis deer, Blackbuck antelope, whitetail deer, fallow deer, and Scimitar-horned Oryx. The ranch also has Rio Grande Turkeys. Hunting opportunities are available year-round.